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Brain child of Ex-Microsoft Program Manager About US

Dreams of Education!

Do you believe schools changed very little over 100 years?
Do you believe we should prepare each child for the world they're expected to be in future?
Do you believe helping kids learn life is more important than textbook?

Then perhaps Geekz Microschool is for you and your family.

Together let's prepare our kids to be ready for the world in 2040!

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Geekz Edu Model

Education reimagined.


Custom made curriculum for each individual's needs, learning styles, passions, skill levels & parental priorities.

Real World Career

To bridge the gap between school & real world, we pick real life careers, integrate with core curriculum, simulate in our studio & empower students to be ready for the world in 2040.


No 2 brains are same. We find the passion of each student, integrate it with their subjects, make them curious & empower them learn.

1:1 Device

Technology can never replace educators but integrating it in classroom enhances the education experience.

Self Paced

One-size-fits-all don't fit in education. Each student can learn at their own pace to become individual lifelong learners.

Mastery Learning

Every student reach a prescribed degree of mastering a concept before advancing to the next concept.


We montior each students' progress real time, create learner profile, analyze & calibrate them against mastery level of their personal goals.

Flipped Classroom

Watch short video lectures as homework. Practice problems at school with educators' help.


Inspire creativity and curiosity in the Robotics STEM education and beyond.

Mixed Age

Kids with varying ages learn together to be independent, bold & experience real world in our classroom.


Integrated in daily lesson plans. School is the safe ground to take informed risk, fail hard, learn and strive for greatness.


Whole-child approach to develop kids' mind, body and spirit with self-awareness, responsibility & clean habits.

Our Approach


A whole-child, personalized education supports each student as an individual learner. We tailor our students learning materials that fit each individual's needs, learning styles, passion, interests, skill levels, parental priorities and specific tasks educators feel will best challenge & prepare child to succeed.

Say we are helping kids learn a Math lesson. For a student who is interested in Xbox games, we integrate Math in Minecraft. They play as well as learn how math practically used in real life. We help all our students learn the same lesson - in different ways.


Teachers engage students with provocations or essential questions that need to be answered. This gives students a purpose and an awareness of knowledge they want to understand, skills they want to develop, or new interests to explore.

You can teach students a lesson for few days but if you can help them learn by tapping their curiosity, they will continue the learning process as long as they live and become lifelong learners.


This is the phase where students focus their time on the process of learning. Students investigate the topic through an inquiry-driven research process, building their knowledge of a subject area, applying thinking strategies for tackling challenging problems, and developing habits.

We use U.S curriculum, affiliated to US Board to learn core skills and our education approach is based on Chicago's 1919 Winnetka education model for a child-centered personalized social-emotional learning.


Every student practice and reach a prescribed degree of mastering a concept before advancing to the next concept.

Learning is structured not in terms of time but in terms of certain target levels the student achieve. This is not 21st century idea, back in 1919 Washburne introduced this concept part of Winnetka Plan. He was advocating the opposite to then and now traditional model. What should be fixed is a high level of comprehension and what need to be variable is the amount of time students have to understand a concept.


Students create an external representation of what they have learned, such as a piece of writing or building catapult. Demonstrating to an audience creates accountability and the motivation to complete challenges. Students then reflect on the learning process by asking if they answered the essential question of the unit and how they arrived at that answer.

A focus on reflection fosters a growth mindset and a culture of iteration, which allows students to take ownership over their own learning.


Real time assessment is essential to personalizing learning for students. With the help of 1:1 device, teachers montior each students' progress as they learn and provide feedback immediately to fuel engagement and growth.

Assessing Milestone achievement allows educators to understand students deeply by documenting and analyzing their performance against their personal Goals. Based on the mastery levels, curriculum will be customized and personal goals will be set for each student to keep iterating on the learning cycle.

Learning Cycle

Rate of Learning is 2.5x Faster in this Personalized Education Model!

learning cycle
Example from the Classroom


Transforms the school experience.

When purposefully used, technology enhances the education experience. By streamlining certain tasks, teachers can spend more quality time with students, schools and classrooms can run more efficiently, and parents can quickly and easily communicate with teachers. We believe technology can never replace human relationships or in-person learning. Instead, it is a tool to support the growth of each individual student.

Through Geekz tools, students manage their own projects and assignments, teachers personalize and assess student activities real time, and parents connect with their child’s learning experiences.

We use 3rd party apps wherever possible, if not build new apps with our top notch technologists to truly re-imagine schools.


Learn foreign languages at your own pace.

Khan Academy

Watch and practice math lessons.

Hello English

Learn english using your regional lanugage.

Skype Classroom

Connect with classrooms around the world, talk with NASA astronauts at space.


Learn through playing games.


Educators curate personalized list of lessons for each student to learn, track and asses.


Parents communicate with educators, track their child's progress & school's news.


Builds reading comprehension with daily news articles.


Short animated movies for k-12 lessons.


Build & host websites and blogs.


The digital note-taking app for your devices.

Dot & Dash

Inspire creativity and curiosity in the Robotics.

Day at Geekz

Unschooling the schooling.

Every day at Geekz is carefully planned to ensure a personalized learning experience.
Students practice core skills based off of US curriculum & core standards, investigate areas of interest, and work with peers and teachers to address personalized goals. Our flexible schedule provides time for socratic discussion, 1:1 coaching, collaborative project work, and community building activities.

9:00 am - 9:30 am: Rolling drop-off
Parents drop-off students during this block.
9:45 am - 10:00 am: Stand-up
Daily meeting where students connect, share, and review the day’s schedule.
10:15 am - 10:30 am: Meeting of the Minds
Socratic discussion where students share, listen, think, reflect & question on daily news.
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm: Lunch
Let's lunch together and foster the culture & humanity of sharing.
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm: Geekz Socials
Students learn music, sports & utilize local parks & playground to experience the outdoor.


Is Financial Aid Available?

Need-based scholarship assistance is available, and we are happy to discuss in more detail during the admissions process. Geekz wants to provide access to an excellent child-centered education to as many students as possible and believes that all children benefit from being part of a diverse community.

What Is A Microschool?

Microschools are small by design with few dozen students, multi-age learn together in a classroom, educators act more as guides than lecturers. There's a heavy emphasis on digital and project-based learning, and education is highly personalized.

What Grade Levels Are Offered?

We offer Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. We will continue to build the school up through 12th grade in subsequent years. There are mixed-age classrooms with 2-3 year age bands.

Is Geekz A Montessori School?

We respect and incorporate Maria Montessori’s philosophy but, we are not a Montessori school. We use US curriculum for core standards and Chicago's 1919 Winnetka education model for a personalized social-emotional learning.

May I Visit Campus Or Get a Tour?

Yes. We offer tours, open houses and buddy programs. Please refer ADMISSIONS section for more info.

What Are School Hours?

We understand that flexibility is important for families. Families can drop off their children at school anytime between 9:00 am and 9:30 am. The school day ends at 3.00 pm.

How Are Allergies & Safety Handled?

Geekz is an Allergy Aware school. Educators and our Safety Team members work closely with families to develop personalized safety plans for each student and their specific allergies. Although we do not ban specific foods or nuts from our campuses, we have a clear protocol to protect students with food allergies and health concerns at our schools..

Application Process

Visit Us

Visiting us is the best way to learn more about our community and philosophy.

We encourage parents and families to come, grab a coffee, chat with us, walk through our learning environment, and get a feel for the rich learning that takes place here every day.

Buddy Day

You can also schedule for a Buddy Day, where your child can shadow one of the existing student for few hours or a day.

We are committed to partnerships with families, the first step in that partnership is to ensure that we are a good fit for your child academically, socially and emotionally.

Open House

We host a variety of events, such as Open Houses, for prospective families to engage with our school community.

The application process has been designed to help you get to know us better and for us to get to know you better.


Apply online to officialy kick-off application process. There is no fee to apply.

Children must be 2.5 years old by June 1, of the academic year to begin Pre-Kindergarten and subsequent classes follow similar chronological age criteria. If your child is close to the cut-off, we are happy to discuss flexible options with families.


Families who submit an application will receive an admissions decision.

We're happy to work with families who would like to be considered for Geekz Assistance.


Click "CONTACT US" to call, send an email or leave a message.

Admissions to new geekz!

We are excited to open our admissions at Geekz Microschool. We are accepting applications for Pre Kindergarten - 5th Grade. We will continue to build the school up through 12th grade in subsequent years.

Geekz's tuition covers the cost of the regular school day program including core skills, quests such as coding, world languages and community enrichment offerings.

Geekz Assistance Program: We are happy to work with families to offer scholarship or create a payment plan that addresses individual circumstances.

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Dream with us and make dreams a reality.



Empower every child to identify their inner calling and learn life at their own pace.


Geekz (K-5) is a full-stack Education Technology company - Network of Microschools small by design, powered by technology. Top-notch technologists coming together with exceptional educators to reimagine schooling ground up.

Our Clients
Sridhar Gopalaswamy
Founder & CEO

Setting vision for Geekz and reimagining education.

Ex-Microsoft Program Manager experienced at cutting edge technologies including education fuels his creative direction and bold ideas. His experience in other industries is a game changer for education. He holds a Master's degree in Information Systems from University of Illinois, Chicago.

Jobs at Geekz

Be the change.

We look for educators with care, creativity and passion to rebuild schooling ground up, NOT the degrees or teaching experience as you don't need them to be talented. We welcome innovative talents looking to switch from IT, Visual Communication or any other domains to build future of our nation.

If you feel driven to create transformative educational experiences that will prepare our children for 2040 and beyond, please take a look at our jobs below and apply for an open position today.

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